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Coronavirus COVID 19 Cleaners & Disinfectants

Is there a list of cleaners and disinfectants for use against Novel Coronavirus, COVID 19?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently posted a list of Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19. Information regarding these products can be found on the EPA’s website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a printable/downloadable PDF of cleaners and disinfectants tested for use on Naugahyde vinyl-coated fabrics.


Fabric Samples and Product Orders

How do I order product samples?

It's easy; you can order samples directly from our website. Just click on "Order Samples" at the top right, or within our catalog when you click on a pattern. You will need to create a free account to provide us with your shipping information.


How do I find which products are best for a particular application or market?

On the catalog page of the website, you can select from a range of markets from the drop down menu, i.e. healthcare, hospitality, etc., and the appropriate product lines will be displayed. Also when you select a product within the catalog, applicable markets will be displayed on the right hand side.


Can I purchase Naugahyde factory-direct?

Naugahyde is sold through a nation-wide network of distributors. Contact us at 888-646-2542 and we'll address your individual requirements.


We are a large manufacturer that uses coated vinyl in large quantities. Can we buy factory-direct?

Yes, our customer service department handles these requests on a case-by-case basis. You can reach customer service at 888-646-2542 to discuss your particular requirements.


Technical Information, Certifications and Testing Data

Where can I find technical data and certifications for a product line?

You can find Technical Data Bulletins and certifications in a downloadable PDF format on the website. This information is found on the product line pages within our catalog. Please contact us at 888-646-2542 in the event the technical data bulletin or certification you are seeking is not listed.


Can I get a copy of your Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

Yes, the SDS is a printable and downloadable PDF found at the bottom of this FAQ page. You can also find it within each product page along with the technical data bulletins and care and cleaning instructions.


What is the “Leno Law” and How Does it Impact Labeling for Upholstery Products?

The “Leno Law” is California State Senate Bill 1019 and is known as the “Leno Law” after State Senator Mark Leno who sponsored the bill. This law requires manufacturers to declare whether upholstery used on an article contains a fire retardant (FR) additive. A PDF of the Naugahyde/Uniroyal Engineered Products document regarding labeling for upholstery products to be sold in the State of California can be found at the bottom of this FAQ page.


Which of your products have the Crib 5 (BS 5852) certification?

Casablanca, Phoenix and Spirit Millennium have all passed third party certification testing for Crib 5. The test certifications are available for print/download at the bottom of each product page.


Do you have any documentation regarding REACH and RoHS regulation compliance?

Yes, scroll down to print or download the documents.



What are the recommended cleaning procedures for Naugahyde vinyl products?

A downloadable and printable PDF of our cleaning and care instructions is found at the bottom of this page and is also available within the individual product sections of the website.


Your cleaning instructions suggest that I avoid using paper towels for cleaning. Why avoid the use of paper towels?

Paper towels are often made from recycled materials and contain particles such as ink. This may contaminate the cleaning process. Therefore, a soft, clean white cloth is recommended.


Why don't you recommend Formula 409, Fantastic, or Armor-All as cleaning products?

Consumer products are subject to change without public notice to the consumer and may contain chemicals that could mar a vinyl-coated fabric. We have no control over the active ingredients in commercial cleaners.


Why do you recommend testing in an inconspicuous area first?

It recommended to select an inconspicuous area first to ensure that if there is an adverse effect from the cleaner, the test does not ruin the sample.


What is your source for disinfectant claims?

Information on this subject has been obtained from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.



What top coats are available on Naugahyde products?

Most Naugahyde products have the Advanced Beauty Gard® top coat. Advanced Beauty Gard’s top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.


What is Beauty Gard® Supreme?

Beauty Gard Supreme is the next generation of stain-resistant top coats. This advanced top coat combines beauty and performance and offers many advantages: • Stain-resistant including blood, urine, suntan lotion and Betadine • Durability with improved abrasion resistance • Soap-and-water cleans up most stains



Can you create custom products?

Yes, our R&D lab is staffed with highly skilled chemists, color experts and product development technicians who can create custom products that meet exact specifications for both cut-and-sew and OEM applications. We can color match to a current sample or design a proprietary product in-house. Whether it is a custom color, formulation or construction, we can deliver the product you need.


Do you make vacuum-formable products?

Yes, we produce vacuum-formable products for a variety of industries including automotive, healthcare, fitness, recreational and transportation. We support both UEVs (unsupported expanded vinyls) and SEVs (supported expanded vinyls). If you have requirements for vacuum formable products and need help, please contact us at 888-646-2542. For automotive, contact 248-699-7460. For all other applications, contact 888-646-2542.



Where can I purchase a Nauga® doll?

You can purchase Nauga dolls at the Nauga Shop within the Naugahyde website. Just click Nauga Doll at the top right or “Adopt a Nauga” towards the bottom of the website page and select the Nauga that is right for you.


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