SARASOTA, Florida - Uniroyal Engineered Products, LLC, the manufacturer of Naugahyde®performance coated fabrics, introduces BeautyGard Supreme, the next generation of stain-resistant protective topcoats. BeautyGard Supreme preserves the beauty of the fabrics, extends product lifecycle, and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

As a revolutionary breakthrough in blue-jean stain resistance, BeautyGard Supreme passes blue-jean staining method ISO 26082. BeautyGard Supreme topcoat creates a robust barrier between the vinyl and most other harsh staining agents such as blood, urine, Betadine®, suntan lotion, wine, coffee, pen and permanent marker ink. With BeautyGard Supreme protection, most stains can be cleaned starting with soap and water, or by following the additional recommended cleaning procedures.

BeautyGardSupreme is offered on Spirit Supreme in 10 standard colors. BeautyGard Supreme also is available on a custom basis subject to standard minimums and overages. For more information, call (888) 646-2542, see our video at visit

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