Recent textile trends reveal continuing industry shift away from fur and leather to alternative fabrics.  Designers are seeking out animal-free and environmentally conscious materials frequently referred to as “faux fur” and “vegan leather”.  The animal-free alternatives to leather market is expected to reach $85 billion by 2025, according to recent data from management consultancy firm Grand View Research.   From fashion designers to automotive manufacturers, leading brands are making the switch.  Tesla, Audi and BMW are just a few automotive companies to add animal-free synthetic materials to their interiors.   

Naugahyde®, known as the original cruelty-free fabric™, is a durable and stylish alternative to leather.  Naugahyde coated fabrics, available in numerous colors, reflect the physical appearance of leather – rich grains and textures - without the negatives involved in producing leather, both from an animal rights and environmental (greenhouse gases) impact.    Innovations in research and development on leather alternatives enable the addition of performance properties and special top coat finishes providing extra protection against stains, mildew and fungal microorganisms. 

Key Benefits of Leather Alternatives Compared to Leather

Durability: Faux leather materials are very durable and last a long time.  Naugahyde coated fabrics achieve abrasion resistance of 250,000 to 3,000,000 double rubs on #8 cotton duck and are specified by many manufacturers due to the brand’s reputation for durability, quality and performance.

Cleanability:  Faux leather fabrics can be wiped clean with a cloth and warm water.  All Naugahyde products can be cleaned easily with soap and water and are bleach solution cleanable (diluted 1:10)

Style:  Faux leather fabrics come in a multitude of colors, textures and grains.  Naugahyde has 28+ product collections with more than 500 individual colors/patterns.


Trends continue to be shifting from leather to leather alternatives and there are many choices in the current market.  Buyers seeking a stylish, high-quality alternative to leather, should look no further than Naugahyde, the original cruelty-free fabric.

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