From powerboats to yachts to cruise ships, Naugahyde® offers a variety of products that are ideal for marine applications. Our easy-to-clean vinyl fabrics offer durability, style and comfort. Our marine products are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor applications including mildew resistance and low temperature resistance (cold crack).

Naugahyde with the Advanced Beauty Gard® topcoat finish is proven to be stain and abrasion resistant, fire retardant and antimicrobial. Applications are available for exterior and interior upholstery as well as trim and cabin headliners.

With Naugahyde’s selection of 500+ standard products featuring beautiful color and texture options, it is easy to choose the right product for your marine needs.

Need a specialty product? Our R&D Lab is staffed with highly skilled chemists, color experts and product development technicians who can create custom products that meet your exact specifications. We can color match to a current sample or design a proprietary product in-house.

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