Naugahyde® with Advanced Beauty Gard® provides outstanding protection in critical medical and healthcare environments. With 500+ standard products, Naugahyde’s beautiful color and texture options enable designers to create a distinctive, comfortable and healing environment for patients. Medical and healthcare facilities also value that our easy-to-clean vinyl fabrics are proven to be stain and abrasion resistant as well as fire retardant.

Now available on most Naugahyde performance vinyls, Beauty Gard® Supreme top coat is the next-generation of stain resistance, and is specifically formulated for the healthcare market to resist stains from blood, urine and betadyne. A number of our protective top coats are produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and contain an agent that specifically protects against bacterial and fungal microorganisms.

In addition to standard products, we develop custom fabric solutions using vacuum formable technology so products can be produced without seams or edges in which bacteria can grow.

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