As a leading manufacturer of vinyl coated upholstery and trim for the global automotive industry, Uniroyal Engineered Products offers OEMs complete interior coverage products including seating, door panels, head rests, console lids and arm rests. We offer a variety of bi-laminate and tri-laminate constructions and also offer cut and sew and vacuum formable constructions. 

Uniroyal Engineered Products manufactures supported expanded vinyl (SEV) and unsupported expanded vinyl (UEV) products. Our SEV products include door bolsters and inserts, seat backs, seat covers, arm rests, map pockets, head rest and console covers. Our UEV products include door panels, pillar covers and seat back panels.

Need a specialty product? Our R&D Lab is staffed with highly skilled chemists, color experts and product development technicians who create custom products that meet your exact specifications. We can color match to a current sample or design a proprietary product in-house.

Uniroyal Engineered Products increased its global reach and capabilities by combining with Uniroyal Global Limited, formerly Wardle Storeys, a United Kingdom-based company and major producer of interior trim and coated fabrics for the European marketplace. Uniroyal Global Limited develops and manufactures products for global automotive brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover. 

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