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The Naugahyde UNIVERSAL line of "rock solid" industry proven standards is a modestly priced upholstery for price sensitive installations. With 26 colorways, and superior UV ratings for outdoor use, this line is truly UNIVERSAL. Take a look at UNIVERSAL today and always specify World Class Naugahyde.

Advanced BeautyGard« protective top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.
Product Features
Genuine full grain Naugahyde
Made with pride in the USA
Diverse color palette
Pleasant appearance and feel
Strong and durable
Easily maintained
Easily tailored
Cleans easily with mild soap and water.
Sulfide stain resistant (Passes GM 9069P)
U.V. stabilized pigments
Protected by an Advanced Waterbased BeautyGard« Topcoat
Extraordinary abrasion resistance (500,000 cycles on #8 Duck CFFA-la)
Superior Weatherometer (more than double the automotive requirement for seating and door panels) (SAE J 1885 451.2KJ - Delta E less than 1.0)
Meets GSA upholstery requirements for tear strength, stitch tear resistance, and tensile strength. (TEAR-Avg. 20.7 lb. Warp, Avg. 24.6 lb. Fill) (STITCH - Avg. 50.1 lb. Warp, Avg. 43.0 lb. Fill) (TENSILE-Avg. 99.6 lb. Warp, Avg. 75.7 lb. Fill)
54" Wide
Weight: 23.7 ounces per linear yard ▒5%
Cold Crack -20 ║F
ASTM E-1428 - Pink stain test
Contains an agent to protect it against fungal microorganisms
Formulated to meet the small-scale flammability test requirements for upholstered materials contained in the following specifications: Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302, California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E, BIFMA Screen Test, & UFAC Class 1 Rating.
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 Universal Patterns 
American Beauty
SKU: MT 19
SKU: MT 18
SKU: MT 29
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SKU: MT 33
SKU: MT 25
Dark Cherry
SKU: MT 20
Dark Navy
SKU: MT 31
Dark Pewter
SKU: MT 37
Deep Violet
SKU: MT 21
SKU: MT 16
SKU: MT 14
French Green
SKU: MT 26
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SKU: MT 34
SKU: MT 30
View color coordinates...
Medium Gray
SKU: MT 36
View color coordinates...
SKU: MT 39
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Oxford Wine
SKU: MT 27
SKU: MT 38
Pure White
SKU: MT 32
SKU: MT 35
Regimental Blue
SKU: MT 22
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Sky Blue
SKU: MT 23
SKU: MT 28
View color coordinates...
SKU: MT 24
SKU: MT 15
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SKU: MT 17
Naugahyde manufactures a variety of vinyl products for the O.E.M. market with minimums of 1,500 yards per color.

Our Research and Development Department is also able to develop vinyls for specific needs.