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Nauga Soft Solid Colors
 Nauga Soft Solid Colors 
 NaugaSoft > Black Satin
 SKU: PR 40
 NaugaSoft > Blue Fog
 SKU: PR 46
 NaugaSoft > Cabernet
 SKU: PR 36
 NaugaSoft > Cocoa
 SKU: PR 51
 NaugaSoft > Cream
 SKU: PR 44
 NaugaSoft > Deep Sapphire
 SKU: PR 55
 NaugaSoft > Deep Sea
 SKU: PR 49
 NaugaSoft > Doeskin
 SKU: PR 48
 NaugaSoft > Fawn
 SKU: PR 35
 NaugaSoft > Feather
 SKU: PR 37
 NaugaSoft > Harness
 SKU: PR 38
 NaugaSoft > Ivy
 SKU: PR 53
 NaugaSoft > Lake Louise
 SKU: PR 50
 NaugaSoft > Laurel
 SKU: PR 39
 NaugaSoft > Mallard Blue
 SKU: PR 54
 NaugaSoft > Mint Leaf
 SKU: PR 45
 NaugaSoft > Mulberry
 SKU: PR 41
 NaugaSoft > Rose Blush
 SKU: PR 42
 NaugaSoft > Saddle
 SKU: PR 52
 NaugaSoft > Soft White
 SKU: PR 34
 NaugaSoft > Tapestry Red
 SKU: PR 47
 NaugaSoft > Velvet Brown
 SKU: PR 43
Using the color coordinate swatches:
This page contains features which allow you to easily view and compare color coordinate swatches.
1. Choose a swatch
Locate the color coordinate swatch(es) that you are interested in from the thumbnail images to the left.
2. Unlock
Press the unlock button  ) above the swatch in which you are interested, to release the swatch from the page.
2. Enlarge
Press the enlarge button  ) next to the swatch details, to set the swatch to its full size.
3. Move (drag & drop)
Press-and-hold the mouse button on the color coordinate swatch to move it around the page, release the mouse button to stop moving the swatch. This allows you to easily compare two or more swatches together.